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If my house doesn’t have the weight, then how can i measure the mass of my clothes?

user 84.902184191 18/08/2018


Lozat is the service that helps you to take your clothes to the laundry and return it back when it’s done.

To know the amount of clothes. Lozat is currently showing the measurement within the menu based on the shirts and pants for more accurately decision. For example:
– With 3kg clothes, you can wash: 10 shirts and 5 pants.
– With 5kg clothes, you can wash: 15 shirts and 7 pants.
– With 7kg clothes, you can wash: 20 shirts and 10 pants.

Download Loship, use Lozat:
– Android:
– iOS:

Thank you for using Lozat. Lozat hopes that we can help you solve your laundry problems and get you the cleanest clothes you’ve ever had.

Lozat wish you have a nice day!

– Duy – Team Lozat

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